Dr Robert Malone & 17,000 Doctors demand a stop to all Covid vaccines

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BREAKING NEWS Dr. Robert Malone, MRNA vaccine pioneer and 17,000 physicians and scientists call for an end to mRNA Covid jabs over massive safety concerns and fraud. Reporting from the Global Covid Summit. Ever wonder why you won’t hear about this in the mainstream media?


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First Nation Elder Says NO to the Jab Ron Harrington-Smith First Nation elder Ron Harrington-Smith was born in Windich Creek. As a young man, his dream was to become a farmer so, he attended an agricultural school in Esperance. When he returned to Kalgoorlie, at the age of sixteen, police told

Dr Robert Malone on Vaccinating Children

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Dr Malone is a leading researcher and inventor of the liposomal mRNA vaccine technology, which is in use right now. Anybody with children considering vaccinating them, must watch this first. Hear what pioneer of mRNA technology, Dr Robert Malone says about using this technology on children. On Dec. 10, 2021, Prime Minister Scott

Goldfield’s grandmother left catatonic after vaccine injury

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Kalgoorlie Hospital What is happening to our country? Families divided, censored medical professionals, soulless government, hospitals at breaking-point and countless Australians permanently harmed, injured or dead as a result of the COVID vaccinations. This is the story of one brave family that wanted to speak out against the experimental injections and warn

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