Digital ID = Digital Slavery.

The global cabal of Satanists at the World Economic Forum are doing everything in their power to bring in a Digital ID to every country in the world. Australia is currently working towards this like a little puppy dog waiting for its next order from these unelected psychopaths who think they control the world. If you haven’t heard about the plans for a Digital ID, now is the time to wake up and start listening. If this becomes a reality the next step is a social credit system. They will use climate change as a reason to limit what you can and cannot do with your own money. If this becomes a reality, you will have become a slave to the government and will no longer be free. Just like the plandemic, they tested just how easy you would roll over and take it. This is one thing you should be prepared to fight to the death to reject. The Digital ID will be the end of freedom as we know it. Are you now just a little bit curious as to why every country is looking to implement it?

The Australian government, the sleezy slime-balls they are, have likely already succeeded in partly getting all ABN holders onto a Digital ID. Did you know that if you are a company director with an ABN you have to be on the new Government Digital ID before the 30th of November 2022. If you don’t, there is a potential for a One Million dollar fine. Sounds like coercion; where have we seen that tactic before? 🤔

It will start with company owners, but before long they will trick everybody into having it. Even though Australians have firmly opposed any form of digital ID in the past. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… WAKE UP and make a stand. Protect your children’s future, NOW!

CBDC’s are coming
They must be stopped!

What are CBDC’s. you ask. Central Bank Digital Currencies. Every country in the world has already released or is about to release their own version of a government controlled digital currency. This is only fully possible once they have a digital ID. This must be the line in the sand you do not cross. Once we go to a digital currency cash will cease to exist. No more cash for kids birthday cards, cash at a garage sale, cash to help a homeless person, cash to hide away so you can escape an abusive relationship. You will be in a digital prison when the government can decide where and when you spend your money. They have alrewady proven this, just look what happened to the Canadian truckers who had all their bank accounts frozen.

It get’s much worse than this though. With the new Climate propaganda the new digital system is going to be designed exactly like the Chinese social credit system. Everything you buy will be tracked, every carbon credit you consume will be counted. When the government decides you have purchased enough meat or fuel for the week, you can no longer buy these things. This new system is all about control and anyone who blindly falls for it will only realise once it is too late that you will have become a prisoner for the rest of your life and the rest of your childrens lives. There is no escape once this system takes over. Resist the digital ID and digital currency (controlled by government) at all costs!!!

Malcolm Roberts warns you

Australia Corporate Digital ID is here

It’s happening everywhere

European Digital ID – has subtitles

With CBDC (Central bank digital currencies) come digital ID’s. This numpty is pushing it already in the UK.

Here is a follow-up video of the above one with a warning of what to expect.

The UN have their own digital ID.

Canada is rolling one out