If there was ever a time to vote, this would be it.

Now more than ever we need to rid the system of the political parasites selling us out to the World Economic Forum globalists. How is it even possible that our elected officials are implementing policy of unelected institutions like the WEF anyway. I’ll tell you how, they are corrupt, paid off and don’t give a shit about you or anybody else other than themselves and their big corporate chumps.

The two party system is a joke and it always has been. But the good news is, together we can change it and together we can make a difference. It is vital that the information in this video gets out so that people understand how they must use their vote to make a difference. As much as we think we have only two parties to choose from, we don’t. Most people consider that their vote will be lost voting for the minor parties, but what you need to know is that it is vital, that all the minor parties get as many votes as possible. Whatever you do this election, DO NOT vote for Labor, Liberals, Greens, the Nationals or any other major party.

Other than the Governor General dissolving parliament, This is the next best strategy to remove these parasites once and for all.

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