Join us at the rallies. Unless we have a special event planned, we are now at Kingsbury Park every Saturday from 10am until whenever. We were previously meeting at St Barbara’s Square, but this is currently under construction. The Rally usually only last 1.5 hours give or take. Subscribe to our emails to hear about other events which we run from time to time.

Let your voice be heard and show them we are many. The time is now to make a stand against government overreach impacting your freedom and liberty. The rallies are peaceful but serve an important purpose. It is vital we grow our numbers and show our true strength. We understand some people cannot make it to the rallies each week but if you can, please do, it’s a small price to pay.

Who are you fighting to defend?

Stand your ground if not for yourself, but for the kids whose future of ever experiencing true freedom is in jeopardy.

Create some banners and join the Kalgoorlie-Tribe to show that you are not afraid and that enough is enough. These mandates must stop. The government and media is dividing us using the exact same tactics the Nazis used to turn the Germans against the Jews. We’ve already been referred to as bottom feeders and a lesser form of human in society. This is dangerous speak, we are freedom fighters, we are prepared to sacrifice everything for the selfless act of fighting for everyone’s freedom.